I was able to do exactly what you described and now I have a working rig. You can use any of the pre-made Templates or you can create your own. Can you show us a screenshot of your audio devices? User Control Panel Log out. Is it a cable? Thanks Anthony that is a big help.

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Thank you all for the invaluable information and tips. And the local control tip is a good one. Glad i could help! When yamaha motif midi are restoring a previously saved Cubase Project you will want the Editor to send your saved data back to the Motif XF. Google seems to agree.

MIDI problems and Yamaha Motif XF8

In Cubase this will be a. This data will be bundled and Saved.

I include USB in the description because this template will configure my connections via USB; I have a separate template for when I am working with the firewire connection. Or is there an external mixer in there somewhere that alos conects your soundcard to those powered monitors?


You are not directing the Yamaha motif midi track output to the device real or virtual that you actually want to use. This wy, you can play your full performance through the same speakers without needing a seperate mixing board. Fort Worth, Texas Status: That has got me in the past.

Yamaha motif midi keyboard is not involved in that routing. Yamaha motif midi some of the points made by Brundlefly, I am not using a sound card.

Ye C5 is is right on target. Restoring my Mix to my Motif XF.

Still playing with the settings. Next you make a decision about the direction of communication. I looked at your screenshot.

MIDI problems and Yamaha Motif XF8 | Cakewalk Forums

So there is definitely something weird going on. Korg makes a utility that lets you remove unused and corrupted midi devices. Ultimately, you will want to create your own once you develop a yamaha motif midi of how you like to work.

Therefore it is useful to click this option when you want to temporarily break communication. It actually yamaha motif midi really well now that you have provided me with the proper configuration.


If you start the removal utility you can untick the box that says “Korg drivers only” and it will let you clean out yamaha motif midi drivers you don’t use anymore. Make settings for Port 1 and Port 4.

VST editing is new territory for me, something I have not given a go of. I also only had a roland connected recently so maybe the multiple midi issue is happening. Which means that the MOXF yamaha motif midi act as a sound card. Thank you again all. I have checked and rechecked all of my midi settings and everything appears to be in order.

This is what it is designed for…. I still have a little energy to yamaha motif midi creative after all. Thanks again everyone this is an awesome forum.