Cannot perform 2 sided printing due to insufficient memory. Install the additional memory optional to increase the memory. Use one of the following methods to fix the error: You are also recommended to increase the memory. Use a registered form or register the current form. Error in image processing.

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Uninstalled printer language selected. PJL command syntax error detected.

On-line Help for the printer driver. Change the color count and resolution of TIFF files and print again. Printer language cannot be selected automatically although [Print Mode] has been set to [Auto] on oki b6300 pcl6 control panel.

Refer to “System Settings” in Chapter 4. Check the print data. PCL XL print data cannot be processed due to insufficient memory.

oki b6300 pcl6 Password b63000 the PDF file is different from the one set in the printer. When custom paper is selected, [Paper Priority] settings will be automatically changed to [Not Selected]. Restore the banner sheet feeding tray to its normal status. Cannot print banner sheet due to failure in banner sheet feeding tray. This may be due to the following reasons. Refer pcl On-line Help oki b6300 pcl6 the printer driver.


POP3 server name is not set correctly.

OKI B Specs – CNET

All the information provided is subject to change from time to time at the sole discretion of Oki Data. On-line Help for the printer oki b6300 pcl6 Print page buffer: To print both the e-mail and the mail header, change the settings in [Network] of OkiWebRemote. You are also recommended to increase the memory.

Oki b6300 pcl6 file cannot be spooled due to insufficient disk memory. When [High Quality] is selected, change to [Normal]. When [Normal] is selected, change to [High Speed]. When [dpi] is selected for [Print Mode], set it to [dpi]. Refer to “PDF” in Chapter 4.

Cannot print as the PDF file. Also, increase the free space by deleting unnecessary data in the hard disk. Time to replace parts. Cannot print PDF file as oki b6300 pcl6 contains features that are not supported in this printer. Set the correct password on the control panel, and print again.


Reduce the paper margin value and print again.

PCL command syntax error in print processing. Iki some of the unnecessary documents or secure print user data stored in the printer, and print again. Install the additional memory optional to increase the memory. Check the oki b6300 pcl6 data or uncheck the bi-directional communication check box of the printer driver.

When [dpi] is selected for [Print Mode] in the [Graphics] tab, set it to [dpi] and print again.