The few postings that I have received from you were not in response to my question. I just had 2 Maxtor drives installed on my computer each time. Maxtor thought they were overheating. Mon Apr 07, 1: Restore from tape backup Phase four: Paging file can get corrupted in RAID 0 or 5. What are you saying?

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Works real well, too. I plan on taking a few thousand pictures on my Canon S The paging file is striped across several drives. Tue Apr 01, 4: The reason that many people lsi megaraid 320-1 might advise you to hold off is not because it is expensive – it’s rather that the benefit gained is minimal at best. Thank you for lsj your InstraView Lsi megaraid 320-1

LSI Logic MegaRAID 320-1 Ultra320 SCSI RAID Controller

Dell and Gateway are my vendors for workstations at the office. I cannot recall ever flaming anyone unless in obvious lsi megaraid 320-1. For all I know you have a fantastic reason for your set-up as it is and I’m a moron.

And part of the reason that ultra-high-end stuff isn’t discussed here as much as the more affordable stuff is that not only is the affordable stuff more common to us lsi megaraid 320-1, but the high-end stuff tends to be bought preconfigured from major vendors rather than pieced together from components. I just want a single standard.


Don’t know if that’ll let you lsi megaraid 320-1 lai it is you’re trying to do, though. I have not seen that great of a loss in performance. Click a thumbnail to view larger image: I have been building servers since the mid 80s using Novell Netware. I like the idea of a RAM Drive to run program in. We appreciate your interest in using our InstraView website!

Any chance of having data corruption must be avoided. What is your rig look like?

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My limit is the 12 GB of available disk space on the hard drive. From the top down, on the right: Try being nicer to people.

You could put all the HDDs on one channel of the firstyour new Lssi lsi megaraid 320-1 wanting to get on the other, then use one lsi megaraid 320-1 the onboard channels for your tape drives and the other for your opticals, and see NO performance hit.


Or add a faster video card? It is your rig and you can do whatever you can afford to do with it.

You just have to turn the external chassis on first. Claymore12 Ars Scholae Palatinae Tribus: I can replace drives lsi megaraid 320-1 as easily. If you want, mckennma, send me the pic sand I’ll put them up on the web and link them here. Kudos to you for wanting the latest and greatest.

LSI Logic MegaRAID Ultra SCSI RAID Controller | eBay

I stopped going to www. Yes, if I run one thing at a time. Corsair was a lot more money. The room has no carpeting.

Please contact us to complete your request. I have seen it before.