Aside from the regular notebooks, which are currently one of the best-selling products in their classes, Acer caught the attention of computer enthusiasts with its line of ultraportable and strong netbooks, not necessarily by offering the best products in the class, but more with their excellent pricing policy, lately backed up by better and better build quality and features. On the other hand, the bezel around the screen is thinner than what you get on other 10 inchers and the display itself can lean back to almost degrees on the back, which is most useful on a portable device like this one. However, giving that we know better than that, we tested the battery and we came up with an autonomy of about 6, 6 and a half hours on a daily average use, while running Meego. User12 October 12, at 1: I did not like it and upgraded to Kubuntu. I prefer to use Linux do to the speed and there is no if any viruses. Keyboard is not working properly in acer laptop, suggest me what to do Acer Aspire One D

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Acer Aspire One D257 review- a solid 10 inch netbook right now

That is the case of the AOD also, a netbook that measures aspire one d257 1 inch in depth and weighs 2. Best 10 inch laptops and Windows tablets in Home Reviews Tops Comparisons.


Join the cause and tell your state representative to support Right to Repair. I did not like it and upgraded to Kubuntu.

I consider aspire one d257 now as Derick Rose of laptops. As far as the actual design goes, the lid cover features a unique water ripples pattern that is bound to turn some heads. Get in touch in the comments section below. Aspire one d257 bought this gadget two d57 ago.

Acer Aspire One D257

Thank you in advance. I am a eighty years young end user and have no answer of how to overcome this problem. The 3 Cell battery version goes for aspire one d257 20 bucks less.

Apart from this, as you had asked for any asspire who has installed windows 7 to comment upon the heat generated, well this netbook runs at a temperature of aspire one d257 degree Celsius when CPU is idle.

DDR2 would have been a better option for this as it has maximum frequency of Mhz and thus the netbook would have been cheaper. Aspire one d257 item is LED Backlight screen.

Acer Aspire One D Series. Im not sure if i should visit aspire one d257 Service Center. Acer Aspire One D For model 13DQkk the original configuration was: The netbook packs a strong hardware configuration for a device of its size, features a very original and good-looking design and also comes at a pretty competitive price.


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Acer Aspire One D Repair – iFixit

Thats something Acer tricked us with. One of the things Acer managed to do with its line of netbooks is to offer compact, thin and sleek devices, while featuring pretty good performances as aspire one d257.

The cheerful Aspire One Happy aspire one d257 is perhaps aspire one d257 biggest rival for the D On the other aspire one d257, the keyboard is pretty comfortable once you get used to it, and that almost makes up for the spacing problem. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This keyboard is designed with compact size and solid construction, portable to carry That’s why the comments don’t appear immediately once you’ve posted them, but usually after a few hours or even longer.

Acer mini laptops have progressed a lot during these last years, the Taiwanese company becoming one of the most important computer manufacturers in the world.

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