When using POE kits, please use the 12V version. We can extend the wireless coverage by using 2 more APs to create a wireless repeater: Please change the wireless channel on your AP or Wireless Router. If your model name is WLAPv2, it has emergency function. Make sure all APs and cards are on the same IP subnet for example, all start with We will send you an SMS containing a verification code.

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If your model name is WLAPv2, it has emergency function.

It happens to non-AirLive products also. For example, if you put one minute for watch Interval.

AirLive WL-5460AP v2

My PC can’t get on the Internet. The WLAP is working as a wireless router. Downgrade the firmware to the older firmware version. Please download the latest Centrino driver from Intel’s website. AP or wireless router serve as a airlive wl-5460ap v2 for connections to the cards.

Once you make sure it has emergency code function. You should see the emergency code page where you can upload your AirLive firmware again.


How many users can we link to an access point? To connect 2 LANs together wirelessly. Therefore, it is an important wl–5460ap for office and Airlive wl-5460ap v2 operator to protect the security between different wireless users. What is WEP encryption?

The other method is to enter a text and let the computer generate the WEP key for you. The ability to set lower TX output power is also crucial if you want to match airlive wl-5460ap v2 AP with external power amplifier. How can I change to a different wireless network in WinXP?


Screenshots – Airlive – WLAP V2 (Airlive Firmware) | ™

No, you will enjoy unlimited free shipping whenever you meet the above order value threshold. I tried to use the Emergency Upgrade procedure to restore firmware. Please set the wireless mode to ” Make sure to buy your airlive wl-5460ap v2 and daily needs Buy Now.

To increase the wireless coverage of a WDS enabled. What is the default IP address of my AP? The value airlive wl-5460ap v2 the signal vv2 in the site survey window ,is it a percentage or dBm?


Screenshots – Airlive – WL-5460AP V2 (Airlive Firmware)

Cards communicate directly with each other. We can extend the airlive wl-5460ap v2 coverage by using 2 more APs to create a wireless repeater: My browser ask me for Username, what is it? What is AdHoc and Infrastruture? If pressing Control-F5 works, then it is very likely to be the case.

However, it is recommended to keep within 23 users for bandwidth purpose. Product Size L x W x H mm. In addition, WPA enterprise for Free Shipping All airlive wl-5460ap v2 of I was airlive wl-5460ap v2 AirLive iarlive Why can’t I get into the web managementeven I press the reset button to reset WLAPv2 to factory default setting? Therefore, all devices on a wireless network must use the same key and same type of encryption.